Blog post every day in November – I’ve made it!


Done. Accomplished. I’ve completed the “Blog post every day in November challenge”. First of all it’s a great feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment as I’ve never done something like this before, in the six years of blogging.

Beginning of the year when I wrote my resolutions, I decided that in 2016 I want to take the challenge and blog every day during one month. As an event blogger, I always found it difficult to blog every day because I go to so many events which take place usually in the evenings, or go to events twice a day, or go on fam-trips with tight schedules, so it felt almost impossible to blog daily.

University of Lincoln & The MICE Blog Q & A


In April I spoke at the Digital Student Ambassador Group (DSAG) event, organised by third year event management students at the University of Lincoln. I was one of the speakers they invited to speak on the topic of event technology, and to demonstrate the abilities of technology usage at universities (and the events industry), I decided the use for the Q & A after my presentation about the business of blogging.

Event trends for 2017

Connections Meetings

With a fantastic and eventful year coming to a close, Monday’s #EventPlannersTalk Twitter chat was about event trends for 2017. From engagement to sustainability and to event technology, we looked at what trends will shape our industry next year.

How to manage venue booking commissions


Very important discussion was held by Event Huddle about venue booking commission and welcomed panellist to represent the voice of the industry from both sides – agencies and venues. It was chaired by Samme Allen from Sequoia Partnership and hosted Juliet Price from HBAA, Des Mclaughlin, an industry veteran an investor, Rachelle Valladares from Venue Guru and Dezika and Carlo Zoccali who represented Arsenal FC at the discussion but is now with Farnborough IECC.

Introducing new blog design

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I am very excited to announce that I have started working on redesigning the blog. This year has been the biggest turning point for my blog and seen fast growth in readership, partnerships and sponsorship opportunities. To manage growth and expectations I have decided that now it is the right time to redesign the site.