1st Kempinski Career Day, 19.02.2011 Munich, Germany


With Reto Wittwer, President and CEO Kempinski Hotels

The 2011 General Annual Meeting of Kempinski group took place in Munich, Germany. General Managers from all over the world came to Munich and on Saturday, February 19, hosted the first ever Career day at the Kempinski Hotel Airport Munich.

1100 applicants have registered online and almost 500 interviews with General Managers and Corporate Executives were scheduled. This day attracted internal and external participants and candidates travelled especially to Munich to take part in this unique event. Besides interviews the day offered presentations about Kempinski careers in Europe, Asia, Middle East and Africa as well as site inspections for the visitors.

A bit about Kempinski

Kempinski now comprises a portfolio of 64 five-star hotels in 28 countries and continues to add new properties in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia. Each one reflects the strength and success of the Kempinski brand without losing sight of its heritage.

The group is expending and planning in the next 5 years new openings in Asia, Africa, Europe, Middle East, China and India.

A bit about the Kempinski Hotel Airport Munich

During the day the visitors could enjoy the variety of drinks and food offered in the hotel Atrium. The Atrium is suitable for exhibitions and the highlight of the Atrium are the real palm trees. This hotel is the only one to be located in the airport itself and the walking distance from the hotel to terminal 1 is only 5 minutes. No worries that the hotel is located just under the fly zone. The USP of this hotel is that no planes are flying above it and the windows are protected from noise. There are 30 conference rooms and convertible rooms, which fulfill a double function- of a meeting room and normal hotel room: the bed can be folded into the wall. In addition there is a 24/7 fitness studio. What else a business traveler can ask for?


What else was there?

One of the things I liked very much was the leaflets of each hotel. Besides having the standard information concerning the destination and hotel facts listed, there were do’s and don’ts tips for the related countries. Here are some of them:

In China: – when meeting someone for the first time, you should engage in general conversation before turning to business topics. – It is not impolite to ask about a person’s job, annual salary, marital/ dating status and age. Always take the time to talk about non work related subjects with colleagues.

– Eat and drink at least a little of everything you are offered. If you cannot or don’t want to eat something, be prepared to have an excuse (e.g.- I’m allergic) and, if possible, let your hosts know before.

– Make sure not get openly cross with a person in public, this can be seen as a loss of face and will be very bad for your relationship. – Be aware of face and don’t openly criticize a Chinese person when there are others from their company around. In the business world, you will rarely hear the word “no” as an answer. You will be hearing “I think this needs more work” or “we will consider it” instead.

– Do not leave chopsticks in your rice bowl; this symbolizes incense sticks used when someone dies.

In Germany: – when meeting someone it is important to shake hands and maintain eye contact during the conversation.

– Make sure to be punctual and avoid indiscrete questions about age, salary and political or sexual orientation as well as confession. – Don’t stand up from the table while others are eating.

To conclude

This was very successful day and very well organized. The organization started with the online registration, application process, reminder and updates and the fantastic day itself. Many participants took part on this day and Kempinski made the great effort to allow interviews with General Managers and top executives. The atmosphere was very good; the general managers were very flexible for interviews and networking and the candidates and visitors were motivated and enthusiastic.

And of course big thank you to the wonderful team of Kempinski Hotel Airport Munich, who was during the whole day attentive to questions, excursions, service and administration.







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