#EventPlannersTalk celebrates 1 year!

Welcome to the 30th #EventPlannersTalk chat! This week on 24th August from 9-10pm BST we will be celebrating 1 year! And that is all thanks to you!! Thank you for your contribution, participation, commitment, engagement, collaboration, networking and for all the great time we have together on the chat!

Here is the list of all past topics we had over the past year (From August until December 2014 #EventPlannersTalk was a monthly chat and became weekly in 2015).

– How to promote events using social media
– Sustainability and green events
– How to start an event planning business
– Event technology
– Event branding
– Storytelling
– Event ROI
– HR and Volunteers
– The big debate – Experience vs. Academia
– Networking at events
– Event pricing
– Work-life balance
– Women in events
– #EventPlannersTalk live follow up chat
– Event follow up
– Event Apps
– Event content
– Food trends
– Event strategy
– Themed events
– Event sponsorship
– Gamification
– Events on a budget
– Email marketing & database
– Collaboration
– Personal development
– Ticketing & registration
– Meeting design
– Managing across generations
– Working internationally

We also hosted two live events, how to promote events using social media and about work life balance.

Yes, we got a long way and that is just the beginning. We want to provide the best content, live events – the best possible experience both online and offline – for the upcoming year!

#EventPlannersTalk needs YOUR feedback!


Q1: How do you want to get notified about the chat and questions (Twitter, email, Facebook etc.)?
Q2: What topics would you like to discuss on the chat?
Q3: Are you happy with the chat time, Monday from 9-10pm or would prefer different day & time?
Q4: What are your major takeaways (education, networking etc.)?
Q5: Would you attend #EventPlannersTalk live events? What’s your favourite event format (Panels, talks etc.)?
Q6: Would you like to get involved as a contributor, moderator or event planner? Get in touch: events@eventplannerstalk.com!
Q7: How can we improve the chat?

See on Twitter on Monday 24th August from 9 – 10pm BST (UK time). Don’t forget to use #EventPlannersTalk hashtag and follow @themiceblogHQ on Twitter for the latest updates. Feel free to tweet us any time your suggestions! Looking forward to an informative, interactive and fun chat, as always!

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