#EventPlannersTalk – How to promote events using social media

Get ready for what is going to be the best #EventPlannersTalk chat so far! This Monday, 23rd March from 9-10pm GMT is a follow up chat from last month’s live event with your amazing questions.

For the ones who are new to the chat, #EventPlannersTalk is an online community for event planners and every Monday there’s a chat about different event management topics.

Last month the first live event took place about how to promote events using social media where we used Sli.do for Q & A. The questions were asked anonymously by the audience and were answered by the panel. This week the same questions go towards the weekly chat and everyone welcome to join! You can read about the first live event here.

Top questions for Monday’s chat

Q1: Do you think there’s a way to incentivise people to engage more with the event through social media before, during & after?

Q2: How do you gather data from Twitter hashtags? How do you get something out of it?

Q3: What social media platform do you personally think is best for during the event?

Q4: Most difficulty is gaining followers in the first place before creating engagement. Any tips?

Q5: How do you define or measure success using social media to promote events?

Q6: Do you think it’s important for #eventprofs to have a strategy to ensure consistent social media usage? Via @kaitkirwan

Q7: What type of contest work best before, during and after an event?

Q8: Some employers are reluctant to use social media because they think competitors will copy their ideas. What is your view on this? Via @meventsplanning

© The MICE Blog - event management blog

© The MICE Blog - event management blog

Thank you everyone who suggested these questions and I look forward to chatting with you! Don’t forget to use #EventPlannersTalk and follow @themiceblogHQ on Twitter for all latest updates!

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