#EventPlannersTalk – Meeting design

More and more event planners today recognise the importance of meeting design. But what is it meeting design and how can we best implement it to make our meetings more effective? Join us this Monday, 27th July from 9-10pm BST for #EventPlannersTalk Twitter chat about meetings design.


Q1: What is meeting design?
Q2: What icebreakers can you recommend to kick off the meeting?
Q3: Meeting design is about active participation. What activities are effective to encourage attendee engagement?
Q4: What role venue and room layout are playing is meeting design?
Q5: How can you measure the success of your meeting?
Q6: Can you share an event that used meeting design concept and what was your takeaway?

Don’t forget to use #EventPlannersTalk hashtag and follow @themiceblogHQ on Twitter for the latest updates! Looking forward to an informative, interactive and fun chat, as always!

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