Top reasons to attend #EventPlannersTalk multi hub event on 31 May

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The next #EventPlannersTalk live event is fast approaching and will take place on 31 May 2017. It will be the 8th event to take place, and this time attendees will have the opportunity to experience an innovative, international, multi-hub event format in London and Frankfurt.

Organised in collaboration with Switzerland Convention & Incentive Bureau and the German Event Planners Association, the event will be about values in the events industry with focus on working towards achieving long term business vision with event stakeholders.

About the topic

The WerteFoundation created the Values CODEX in 2016. The CODEX encompasses seven key values for the events industry evolving around key event stakeholders, namely suppliers, customers, employees and competitors. It serves as a guideline and code of practice for the event industry in Germany.

The Velues CODEX is evolving around seven key values: honesty, loyalty, courage, respect, vision, responsibility and reliability. Out of these seven, we’ll focus on the value vision and explore how we can apply it to our work.

This framework can assist event professionals in their negotiation, procurement and across their service chain and foster building reliable and long lasting economic relations with their stakeholders. Additionally, it guides companies and individuals to conduct business in a cooperative way, with mutual respect and integrity.

This is the first draft of the principles. The fundamentals in this draft, which among others, include ethical responsibility and sustainability in all its forms, state that they shouldn’t contravene profitable business growth and industry development. The aim is to provide a set of rules to ensure long term success and the industry’s reputation.

If you are an event professional based in London or Frankfurt, we’d like to invite you to attend. You will benefit from attending this session by:

Experience #EventPlannersTalk multi hub event format

For the first time, #EventPlannersTalk event goes international and will take place simultaneously in two event hubs, in London and Frankfurt. #EventPlannersTalk Twitter chat was created in 2014 with the vision to offer an international platform for event professionals to exchange knowledge and know-how. Following this vision, we are now able to offer a multi hub event and, in two languages, German and English. After the discussion, we’ll summarise the results from both hubs and will live stream the main takeaways.

Shape the future of our industry

The very important topic “values in the events industry” was initiated in 2016 in Germany and will see its first international debut in London. Over the last two years, the topics that shaped our industry were mainly Brexit and politics, technology, terrorism and wellness. As a result, we looked for a topic that hasn’t been covered yet within our community. By choosing this topic we want to lead the way and shape the future of our industry.

This time, we also don’t have speakers and panellists. In fact, we believe that everyone in the room is an expert, and we want to hear from you, your experience, challenges and best practices so we can learn from each other. Caleb Parker, Tech Chair HBAA and Director, Select Event Solutions in London will moderate the event in London and Bernd Fritzges, CEO German Event Planners Association in Frankfurt.

Learn about Switzerland and take part in the “your business vision starts in Switzerland” campaign

Switzerland offers world class facilities in beautiful location. Whether on a lake side, on the mountain or in the city, you will be amazed by its pure nature. Venues in Switzerland offer panoramic views that will take your breath away and motivate your delegates.

Aligned with our topic – vision – we also developed a social media campaign around this key word, entitled “Your business vision starts in Switzerland”.

You can follow the two month long campaign on Twitter in English @SCIB_E or German @scib_d to learn more about the following destination and venues for your next event: Bürgenstock Resort, The View – Lugano, Fiore di Pietra, Davos Klosters, Uto Kulm – Zürich, Gornergrat, Glacier 3000, Le Deck, Pavillon Gurten and Säntis.

Representatives from Switzerland Convention & Incentive Bureau will be at the event to respond and assist with any question about Switzerland.

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Increase your networking opportunities

Often, when we attend networking events we end up speaking to the people we already know. Not this time. We will split into smaller groups to give everyone the chance to actively participate in the discussion. Furthermore, we’ll ensure that you’ll be in a group with new people to enhance your networking opportunities.

Additionally, you will have the chance to increase online networking opportunities with people tweeting from the second hub. While the discussions will be focused on regional aspects, as a global industry we all encounter similar challenges and opportunities.

Familiarise yourself with a new venue

In London, the event will take place in the award winning venue Royal College of Physicians. The highly versatile venue for conferences, meetings, banquets trainings and outdoor events can accommodate from 6-400 participants. Nestled in the heart of Regent’s Park the building is Grade I listed with modernist architecture. It offers first class dining services and bespoke menus, which you’ll have the chance to try yourself.

The Kameha Suite Frankfurt is located in a villa built in 1898 and can accommodate up to 600 people. Vault covers, artistic mosaics and columns of marble provide for an elegant ambience. Its multiple spaces are suitable for small and big events, ranging from private dinners, receptions, corporate meetings and conferences. The venue offers both indoors and outdoors event space, as well as all technological equipment.

After the group discussion, while the moderators will summarise results, attendees will have the opportunity to do a venue tour and see the various spaces for events.

#EventPlannersTalk multi hub event 3 Royal College of Physicians

Implement the takeaways into your business

Our aim is to have practical discussion and focus on what’s really matter to you. Therefore, we don’t have “experts” or a panel this time, but we offer you the chance to have your voice heard and to lead the conversation. Afterwards takeaways can be taken back to you colleagues and you can start implementing them immediately.

Furthermore, you’ll have the chance to learn and expand your knowledge beyond your area of expertise, get a well-rounded view about the various event stakeholders and how you can improve business relationships. We want to have an open discussion, think outside the box and get hands on peer advice.

Boutique event format

We limit event attendance to 40 people and we’ll run the discussions in four groups. This format will allow maximum knowledge exchange and increased engagement. In the end, the moderators will summarise the takeaways and present to all participants. Additionally, we’ll live stream the results to event participants so they can gain further insights and fill their knowledge gaps.

Extended event life cycle

Leading up to the event, we’ll run two Twitter chats on Tuesday 23rd and Tuesday 30th May, from 12-1pm BST, about values in the events industry, to introduce you to the topic. You will be able to see who else is attending and start networking pre-event. Of course we won’t be able to cover much during the one hour chat and in 140 characters. Therefore, at the event we’ll develop the most popular discussion topics.

The event industry revolves around negotiations between various stakeholders but these negotiations don’t always go smoothly. Above all, we want to find ways to improve these negotiations through cooperation, mutual respect and integrity and help you develop a long term business vision. We look forward to welcoming you on 31 May in London and Frankfurt to discuss these issues and support you working towards sustainable business growth.

When and where?


Date: 31. May 2017

Time: 5.30pm – 8.30pm

Venue: The Royal College of Physicians

11 St Andrews Place

Regent’s Park

NW1 4LE London


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Date: 31. May 2017

Time: 5.00pm 8.00pm

Venue: Kameha Suite Frankfurt

Taunusanlage 20

60325 Frankfurt


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