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How to write a perfect event proposal 

event proposal 

Event proposal often evoke mixed feelings among event professionals. Some see them as an opportunity to shine and share their brightest ideas to win a new business, others take a more cautious approach due to risk of copying ideas, and see them rather as time consuming and tedious. One way or another, every event business needs them to grow and prosper.

The current business environment makes things more challenging. It has evolved to require a new set of expectations. For example, budgets are getting tighter, lead time shorter with always increasing delivery standards and new means of communication. As a result, event proposals need to correspond to always increasing expectations.

The new skills set required by event managers today

I graduated from Regent’s University London with BA International Events Management end of 2014 and it’s incredible to think how many things have changed in the event business environment within this short period of time! Brexit, security, GDPR, VR, AI and social influencers are just few of the topics we barely covered during our degree but now are instrumental to our daily jobs.

Seeing the fast development in the skills set required by event managers today, universities won’t be able to cope with such speed to equip students with latest trends to kick start their career in the events industry. They give a solid foundation to start with, but this has to be reinforced with extra curriculum activities to stay competitive and be employable.

The impact of GDPR on the events industry – #EventPlannersTalk chat with Johnny Martinez from Shocklogic

On 3rd July 2017 I co-hosted #EventPlannersTalk Twitter chat with Johnny Martinez, Head of Marketing & Business Development at Shocklogic about the forthcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This regulation concerns data protection of individuals within the EU and its export outside the EU and will apply to all industries. As many industries, event sector also heavily relies on data – collection, processing and sharing it with the various stakeholders, so by the time this regulation comes into force on 25 May 2018, event businesses should be ready to implement any necessary changes to their data handling. Unfortunately, there is still very little information and training available in our industry, so the aim of the chat was to find out what implications it will have on our business.

Shocklogic provides online event management technology solutions and services to companies across different industries, supporting organisers who manage events of 50 – 50,000 participants. Their range of different products, including registration, programme and membership management, mobile apps, online accommodation managements, online registration, polling and others, require them to be on top of all latest regulations to both implement into their day-to-day business but also to educate their clients.

#EventPlannersTalk round-up: interactive workshop about values in the events industry

#EventPlannersTalk values events industry 1

What if there were a set of values that acted as a code of conduct between event professionals? Could this improve the industry by offering guidance around negotiations? These were just some of the questions under discussion at the #EventPlannersTalk live event on 31 May 2017 which took place in both London and Frankfurt.

In 2016, with the aim of improving values and ethics across the event industry WerteFoundation developed The Kodex, which serves as a code of practice for stakeholders including customers, employees, competitors and suppliers. The code aims to encourage a long term vision around the improvement of the event industry and the success of it’s reputation by reducing conflict or misunderstanding in business procedures.

The key 7 values of The Codex are honesty, loyalty, courage, respect, vision, responsibility and reliability.

Top reasons to attend #EventPlannersTalk multi hub event on 31 May

#EventPlannersTalk multi hub event 1

The next #EventPlannersTalk live event is fast approaching and will take place on 31 May 2017. It will be the 8th event to take place, and this time attendees will have the opportunity to experience an innovative, international, multi-hub event format in London and Frankfurt.

Organised in collaboration with Switzerland Convention & Incentive Bureau and the German Event Planners Association, the event will be about values in the events industry with focus on working towards achieving long term business vision with event stakeholders.