Exhibition Marketing

More and more exhibitors realise the power of social media and sharing content on the different social media platforms. This time at the World Travel Market I’ve seen more destination than even before at any other exhibition applying this principle. Destinations bring performers who dance, sing and play instruments that attract visitors to the stand. On the last day of the exhibition, I was lucky to see many of the beautiful performances including Taiwan, Malaysia, Brazil and Sri Lanka. Haven’t visited some of them yet (only Malaysia), I was happy to get familiarized with the culture and the warm hospitality of these countries.

Putting fun aside, hosting these small events is a powerful marketing tool for the destination, more than any brochure or branded merchandise. These events attract people who take photos and videos, which are shared on social media, often even live.  Because we are in the people business, we have to leverage the power of human interaction and exhibitions are a great platform for this.



2013-11-07 12.15.09
Supporting Malaysia for the Visit Malaysia Year 2014 campaign

“Time for Taiwan”

Brazil to host the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Summer Olympics

“Wonderful Indonesia”

Feeling on holidays at the Panama stand

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