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I can’t express enough the amount of happiness and satisfaction I had when we could donate money raised from a party for a good cause. If you read my post Casino Party you know that during four months we worked very hard every week organising fundraising events and all the funds went towards the end of semester party. We were a group of hard working and talented people and the great success was thanks to the great teamwork and the mix of skills we all had! In the process, our hard work was recognised by a local coffee shop which offered us a small sponsorship. This money went towards hiring an artist as we wanted to make this party an entertaining and memorable event.

After paying all the bills we had enough money left to give back to a place which gave us so much, the university WHU – Otto Beisheim of Management. And that I mean in terms of excellent educations, support while abroad, personal and professional development and much more. We have chosen to give the money to In Praxi Diversity Scholarship. This year the master program of the university was ranked 1st in Germany and 3rd world wide by the Financial Times and this scholarship covers part of the tuition fee of the program for students outside Germany.

My goal is to make every event sustainable with contribution to the local community.

Below is the full press release I wrote for the WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management website:

Exchange students donate money for In Praxi Diversity Scholarship

Every semester WHU welcomes between 100-120 exchange students from almost 200 international partner universities. During the semester, the exchange students (also called Tauschies at the WHU) organise weekly events, called “Tauschie Tuesday” in which they present their culture and sell traditional food and drinks to raise money for the end of semester Tauschie Party. This fall the Tauschies raised a significant amount of money to host a Casino themed party and were happy to donate the rest of the money to the In Praxi – Diversity – Scholarship supported by the WHU Alumni association.

Irina Trofimovskaya, Tauschie Government President: “While one of the main goals of Tauschie event is to raise money for the end of semester party, the Tauschie Government decided that we also want to give back to the community we live in. WHU is an excellent institution, which besides offering academic excellence also provides students with opportunities to develop their social and entrepreneurial skills through the various events organised on campus. The Tauschie Tuesdays gave us the opportunity to integrate faster in the WHU community and provided a great platform for cultural exchange.
We have chosen to donate the money to In Praxi – Diversity – Scholarship, which helps students outside Germany to finance their Master studies at the WHU. We chose it because we can identify with the international aspect of this scholarship and proud to be now part of the WHU Alumni network. We would like to thank all the WHU students, International Relations Office, teachers, career department and all WHU staff who supported us throughout the semester and we look forward to welcoming you at our home universities in the future.“

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