How to organise a Russian/ Ukrainian Event

Today I am happy to share with you the first themed event I organised with my university friends and that’s Russian Ukrainian Evening, or its original name, Tauschie Tuesday. In my university we have the tradition that every Tuesday another country puts- up an event so we were more than happy to organise this evening and introduce our culture. Another objective of the event was to raise money for your end of semester party.

The evening had two parts: dinner and then party in the local bar, so we prepared two different menus.

Here are the steps how to organise a successful Russian/ Ukrainian event:

1. Create an invite: in addition to the main theme we also defined a dress code: Black elegant and heels for girls.

2. Send out invites: today with social media it’s easier than ever before. We created an event page on facebook. Of course you can use also other tools such as eventbrite or create a # on twitter for your event. There is no limit for creativity. Just make sure to update the content in the days leading to your event to increase the excitement.

3. Decide on the menu: We went for main course and dessert for the dinner and cocktail and snack for the party.






For the dinner we made the traditional Russian Katleti with Olivier Salad and Blini with fruits for dessert. And to start we served a shot of vodka.

For the party we made white Russian cocktail and Ukrainian Varenyky. You have the option to make Varenyky with sweet or salty filling.

4. Get ready to welcome your guests!


The event was a great success and all the event objectives were met. Big part of the success is thanks to the great team work we had on this project. Hope to repeat a similar event soon!


The hosts:  Kateryna & Irina

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