Instagram strategy for #eventprofs

In October 2014 I published an article “best ways to promote events using Instgram” and this post now requires an update. Not only the platform has evolved, but also the way I am using it as I learned along the way.

After Twitter, Instagram is my favourite platform to connect with existing and new readers around the world. I love Instagram because it allows me to share with you stories every day, showcase behind or something that I am not going to blog about.

Are you ready to improve your Instagram strategy in 2016? Let’s begin.

Post daily

For eventprofs it can be a major challenge to post daily, as some of us don’t run daily events to share on social media, or we are too busy running events to post! So how can you come up with a new content every day? Creativity is part of our job so that shouldn’t be a challenge right?

Some ideas:


Industry events

Your events

Fam trips


Team members

Company announcements



And more..

Clients, suppliers and sponsors are following you because they are interested in what you have to say, what you’ve been up to and where you are going.

Number of images to post per day

There is no standard number of how many images you should post per day, but as a guideline remember not to post too many at the same time, as you would do on Twitter.

One of the big tradeshows used some type of event tech and when using their tradeshow hashtag all photos were uploaded on their account. You can imagine how annoying it was seeing over 50 photos in a row on my feed, unfortunately I had to unfollow them.

I usually post one photo per day but when I attend events or fam trips might post more. In general I wouldn’t post more than four throughout the day.

Use hashtags

I know there is some disagreement how many hashtags you should use (as it might come across as spammy), but I think you should use as many hashtag as necessary to get discovered and expand your reach. These need to be relevant to the photo of course and you can use up to 30 hashtag.

What has changed since my last post is that now it orders the photos by the time you post them and apply the hashtags. Before, Instagram ordered the photos by the time you applied the hashtags. You can check out this list for event hashtag ideas.

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Include location and tag people

Another tip to get discovered is to include the location and tag others. I think the location option is one of the most important for eventprofs to showcase the location and set-up.

Who inspires you on Instagram?

Everyone has at least one or two accounts they follow to get inspired. These people must be successful on the platform but not celebrities or social influencers with million of followers otherwise you will be discouraged. They probably have figured out some strategy to grow their following. Don’t copy them but observe the frequency of their posts, the quality of their photos, the captions, the hashtags, how they interact with their followers.

I get inspired by fashion and lifestyle bloggers who share good quality images and that keeps challenging my photography skills. I will take at least 10 photos before picking the one I want to post and I am still learning.

Leverage influencer marketing

When brands with large following, social influencers or celebrities share your content, or you theirs, it increases your exposure and following. Try and reach out to these brands with big following AND ones who will be willing to share your content.

You don’t have to approach them and say “lets share each other’s content” but instead observe their social media strategy (point discussed above) and try and guess whether they will share your content. Many will be happy to share it and cross-promote each other.

If you are at an event and there is a high profile speaker or you meet celebrity at a trade show stand, take a photo with them and tag them when posting it.

Instagram has helped me to promote my blog and my events and I am sure this platform will stay one of the most important for marketers in 2016. What is your experience using Instagram?

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  • Whova 8 years ago Reply

    Including location and tagging people is a must to stimulate engagement on Instagram! Awesome article, Irina!

  • Dan McCarthy 8 years ago Reply

    Just wanted to say that I love the article. Thanks for sharing your tips!

    The MICE Blog 8 years ago Reply

    Thanks Dan!

  • Sam 8 years ago Reply

    We use Buffer to help pre-plan posts, which I’ve found really helpful! Especially if you have certain times where you are super busy, you can plan out several posts so your Instagram stays active and posts fresh content, with you needing to constantly be connected and on top of it daily.

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