Introducing #EventPlannersTalk: The Premiere

Is it me or it seems that August is a VERY quit month for events? Everyone is on holidays, less events are taking place (and when they do the attendance is very low) and I constantly keep receiving ‘out of office’ responses or ‘please note that I’ll be out of office from..’.

I just thought it would be nice to keep in touch with the industry and create a twitter chat to fulfil this gap (or call it a ‘virtual event’). Everyone, from everywhere in the world can participate, share experience and network with fellow event professionals.

The topic of the twitter chat is ‘How to Promote Events using Social Media’. During the chat don’t forget to use the hashtag #EventPlannersTalk. There are so many interesting and important topics we can discuss including event logistics, ticketing, pricing, risk management, marketing, HR etc., so I hope we can keep the chat going also in the future.

The virtual party will take place on Monday, 18th August at 9pm BST. Don’t forget to join the event also on Facebook.

The questions are:

Q1: Which social media platforms do you use to promote your events (e.g.- Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.)?

Q2: Which social media tools do you use to manage your events (e.g.- eventbrite, TweetDeck etc.)?

Q3: What is the most effective way to communicate with attendees on social media? (e.g.- blog, twitter etc.)

Q4: How do you communicate event hashtags to your attendees?

Q5: Do you have social media strategy for your events (as organiser) or did you come across best use of social media at events (as attendee)?

Q6: What is your experience with promoting B2B events on Facebook? via @Pickevent

Of course you can add your questions in the comment section below of ask them during the chat. See you on Monday on twitter. Please share and invite friends and colleagues!

Looking forward to chatting with you!

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