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Increase attendees experience with 3D Holographic Technology

Recently I had the chance to experience the 3D Holographic Technology at the 8 Northumberland Avenue in London. That was during a venue viewing when we were presented with the range of possible shows you can use this technology for, ranging from product launches and concerts to company presentations and project pitches. It can be also a great option if you want to have a famous person at your event who can’t be there live.

The 8 Northumberland Avenue, a central London venue, is the first venue which has the technology on- site. To experience this you don’t need 3D glasses and you can even capture the images with your camera.

That is a very innovative and original way to integrate your sponsors and increase attendees engagement and experience. I can guarantee you that no one will be on their phones during the show.

The technology is not cheap and starts from about £ 12,000 events (about 14,000)


Company presentation/ pitch


Product launch



Sponsors/ company presentation


The venue 8 Northumberland Avenue in central London, near Trafalgar Square



Photos by: Irina Trofimovskaya