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The sleeping giants: DMCs need to evolve to survive – here’s how

On Halloween day, 31 October 2018, we hosted the Event Planners Talk and Future in 15 collaborative event with the tongue-in-cheek title ‘Is the DMC dead?’. The title created a lively debate on social media, and we also received important feedback on our anonymous online Slido poll, the results of which are published in this article leading up to the event. 

The very final result of the survey question ‘Is the DMC dead?’ concluded with 49 people responding, out of which 20% voted yes and 80% no. At the live event, which took place at Allianz Park in north London, we invited four panellists to shed further light on the issue and respond to challenging questions regarding the future of DMCs. 

Our panellists were Martin Ellis, Managing Director at Team Umbrella Limited, Pauline Kwasniak, Founder and CEO at TurnedSee (who joined via a conference call from Derry), James Dowson, Managing Partner at The DMC Advantage and David Lovett-Hume, CEO at Asemblr. Event moderator and host of the Future in 15 Show Caleb Parker began the discussion by providing several examples of how technology is disrupting other industries, before placing our focus on DMCs. 

To maintain an easy flow of this text, I decided not to quote any of the individual panellists and comments from the audience but instead present their ideas because it was a smooth conversation, with everyone complementing and adding to each other’s comments. Big thanks go to our knowledgeable panel and audience for the constructive discussion! 

Building trust online and managing information overload – Interview with Pauline Kwasniak, founder and CEO at TurnedSee

I’m sure that many of you have met Pauline Kwasniak, the Founder and CEO of TurnedSee, at one of the industry events, and if not face to face, then online. She is the queen of video on Facebook, and a true leader for encouraging the use of technology in the events industry. Hence, it is not a surprise that I first started chatting with Pauline on Twitter; we then met at IMEX Frankfurt this year, and keep in touch on social media to exchange knowledge and ideas. Her company TurnedSee connects corporate buyers with suppliers on the digital platform that she is currently developing, to help make the event planning process smoother. She is also a digital industry influencer who works with hotels and destinations and helps them connect with their target audience.  

Previously, Pauline worked on the agency side, and as a millennial, she understood that there’s a gap in the market for a better venue sourcing experience. Being a target market herself back then, she felt that the current process is not good enough, and not sufficiently fast. She therefore realised that she needs to develop a platform that will fix this. 

Pauline is also one of our speakers for next week’s collaborative Event Planners Talk and Future in 15 event at Allianz Park ‘Is the DMC dead’, joining us remotely via a conference call from Derry. Her mindset for innovation in technology, international experience and entrepreneurial spirit are contagious, and despite not being able to physically attend the live event, she has a very strong online presence that will make for a very interesting interactive video conference during the panel discussion. 

Decision-makers will debate the future of the DMC in London 

The next collaborative event between Event Planners Talk and Future in 15 will take place on 31 October 2018 at Allianz Park in London. The tongue-in-cheek event title for this Halloween day is ‘Is the DMC dead’; the event will offer a critical discussion regarding the fast-changing business environment and technological advancements that threaten the current business model of Destination Management Companies.
Event speakers are Martin Ellis, Managing Director at Team Umbrella Limited, Pauline Kwasniak, CEO at TurnedSee who will join remotely from Copenhagen, James Dowson, Managing Partner at The DMC Advantage and David Lovett-Hume, CEO at Asemblr.