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Corporate Hospitality France

On 31 July 2017 Paris was officially awarded to host the 2024 Summer Olympics. This is fantastic news for event professionals who are forward thinking and looking to offer their delegates a unique once in a lifetime corporate hospitality experiences at a major international event.

As we were expecting for this to happen, three weeks earlier, The MICE Blog and Atout France held an event in London at the Hoxton Shoreditch Hotel about Corporate Hospitality in France. At the event there was a lot of discussion about the Olympics, and now we are glad to say that this became a reality.

How venues can support car launch events

car launch events1

With stunning backdrops and grand architecture France is a popular destination for car launch events. France is one of seven destinations known for product launch events related to the automotive industry, and some events can attract as much as 20,000+ people. In past years there were multiple grand venue openings in France. Some of the venues have significantly important architecture features, and these features can sometimes compliment a desired storytelling element and increase audience engagement. One such building is the recently opened (2016) Fondation Louis Vuitton in Paris.

To get a further look into this interesting subject, Atout France hosted an expert session at their stand during IMEX Frankfurt 2017 entitled “Future architecture projects in France & automobile events” and invited two industry leaders to share their insights on the use of architecturally significant venues, both old and new, for automotive events. The event explored how these venues and their features can be used to create maximum impact at a car launch event. Kevin Jackson, CEO of Experience is The Marketing, interviewed Christian Seidenstücker, CEO at JOKE Event AG.

How start-ups can improve the MICE experience

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Over the past few years the French start-up scene has seen a fresh growth. To get further insights into this area, Atout France invited key industry players in the French start-up scene to share, with the international audience at IMEX Frankfurt 2017, the latest developments and how the MICE industry can benefit from working with start-ups. Entitled “how start-ups can improve the MICE experience”, the aim of this session was to showcase how the MICE industry can work closely with start-ups in the tourism space to deliver more authentic MICE experience for attendees.

The session was moderated by Hans Jürgen Heinrich, Publisher, Events-Magazin and speakers were Violaine Terreaux, Chef de Pôle Tech & Services, Business France, Christelle Larché, Business Developer, VizEat and Florian Benejean, ‎Founder & CTO, My Jomo.

Top reasons to choose Côte d’Azur for automotive events

Car launches and automotive events often suit a multiple destination event format and take your delegates on a journey of their life time. The event is not only about the car launched and its features. The event should also tell a compelling story and respond to a lifestyle customers want to associate with. Choosing the right destination that excites and inspires your stakeholders is a major decision to be made in the beginning of your planning process to guarantee event success.

Different elements are thrown into the planning mix. These are the product, destination’s accessibility, logistics, media, event programme, social programme, catering, destination’s capacity and even the weather. Choosing the right destination for the car launch event will enhance car’s features and contribute to successful sales.

So Toulouse launch event in London

Coinciding with the Farnborough International Air and Space Show, So Toulouse, the new representative agency for the region launched their new offering for MICE on 11th July 2016 at the Residence of the French Ambassador in London. Its mission is to ensure the promotion of the Toulouse area in this highly competitive environment and to develop its attractiveness across all sectors.

First major international event since the establishment of the agency in February 2016, the event was attended by guest from economic and tourism sectors. London was the natural choice to host the launch event due to the staging of the Farnborough Air Show, but also because of the strong links that connect UK and the Toulouse area.

Sylvie Bermann, French Ambassador to the United Kingdom opened the event to welcome over 200 guests and her talk was followed by Jean-Luc Moudenc, President of So Toulouse and of Toulouse Métropole and the Mayor of Toulouse, and Charles Champion, President of Airbus Operations SAS to give an overview about Toulouse as an innovative and forward thinking business hub. Local partners from Muséum, Quai des Savoirs, Aéroscopia, Cité de l’Espace, Club Hôtelier and EasyJet also attended the event.

Alain Di Crescenzo, President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Toulouse, commented that “Toulouse benefits from an extremely favourable economic environment, a number of unique advantages and genuine potential for growth. A world leader in the aeronautics and space industries, the Toulouse metropolitan area (1.2 million inhabitants) nowadays can boast the healthiest growth rate in France in terms of employment and population. This, most notably, is a result of a very strong industrial tradition and its identity as a hub for job creation. The Ville Rose has therefore been able to attract internationally renowned businesses from a very diverse range of sectors, such as Airbus, Thales, Pierre Fabre, Sanofi, Assystem, Rolls Royce and Capgemini”.

Major announcements was that in 2020 a new convention centre will open in Toulouse to attract new conferences and major events to the destination, but also to further grow and develop the number of existing events. The new exhibition centre will be located near the airport and close to production site of Airbus and ATR, so delegates can benefit from the large hotel capacity in the area as well as science and aeronautic industry know-how of Toulouse. The Aéroscopia museum is also nearby, a unique venue that can be used for social programme or smaller events. The new exhibition centre will be able to accommodate up to 11,000 delegates during exhibitions and will have additional conference rooms for up to 800 delegates.

In October this year Toulouse will launch an ambassador programme and in 2017 will follow Manchester as the European City of Science. This will increase and strengthen their position and awareness for MICE business and promote the city for scientific congresses.































Photos by Eleonore de Bonneval