Back to LIVE and the road ahead

Good news for the events industry – live events are back, as most countries no longer have strict COVID-19 restrictions. Event planners who have been out of work for two years can now be back on the road doing what they love and taking their creativity to the next level.

Two years of pandemic restrictions have taught the events industry that it’s resilient. Returning to live events in 2022 requires rethinking and adjusting old practices, and in this interview with Colja Dams, CEO and owner at VOK DAMS and Natasha Russell, Event Director at NR Events, I asked what’s different now and what companies should know and consider when returning to in person events, and whether there’s still room for virtual and hybrid event formats. 

Natasha and Colja are based in the UK and Germany respectively, and it was important to hear the different perspectives on how ready the markets are for live events. 

Swiss Sustainability Forum to lead a sustainability agenda in Bern

Bern’s positioning as a leader in the energy and environmental sector, and its easy accessibility within Switzerland and from neighbouring countries, make it the most suitable city to host the Swiss Sustainability Forum

Organised by media company NZZ Connect and as part of the overall initiative Sustainable Switzerland by Neue Zürcher Zeitung, the highly ambitious event, the Swiss Sustainability Forum, will take place from 22 to 24 September 2022 at the Kursaal Convention Centre in Bern. 

I interviewed Isabel Niklaus, Lead Ecosystem Sustainability, who is responsible for events that are part of the sustainability projects at NZZ Connect including the Swiss Sustainability Forum and Impact Finance Forum. 

Circular Economy Entrepreneurs 2021. Photo credit: NZZ Connect.

Actionable strategies to boost association membership 

During the pandemic, many associations have been able to attract new members and find novel ways to engage and retain them. The barriers to attending events, learning and networking have been lowered thanks to the virtual and hybrid event solutions available. With these new tools and knowledge base at their fingertips, association event planners can truly excel at delivering events in 2022 and beyond.

Secrets to Engaging and Retaining Members, a recent event by Hubilo, shared best practices with its industry associations attendees to help them increase member engagement and retention. Attendees heard from speakers from two major associations, the PCMA and National Women, Infants and Children (WIC) Association. The insights from this event will be summarised in this post. 

Bedload Experts Meet in Interlaken for an International Symposium

The international community of bedload specialists met in Interlaken in late 2021 to address current and future issues regarding the implementation of restoration measures in Switzerland.

Wasser-Agenda 21, a forum and network organisation for Swiss water stakeholders, organised the first International Symposium on Bedload Management which took place at the Lindner Grand Hotel Beau-Rivage in Interlaken from 8 to 10 November 2021. I interviewed the event organiser, Dr. Carlos R. Wyss, Project Manager at Wasser-Agenda 21, who gave insights into the event design process. 

How to Increase Employee Engagement in a Hybrid World | SUBMERGE by HUBILO

The Great Resignation is a trend caused by the pandemic where employees are voluntarily leaving their employers. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, four million Americans quit their jobs in July 2021. The reasons for the resignations vary, and include, according to a Harvard Business Review article, career stage, industry, work preference, lack of a DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion)-focused approach and burnout. 

The latest SUBMERGE event by Hubilo on 17 November 2021 provided key insights into topics (e.g., Diversity and Inclusivity in a Hybrid World and Elevating Employee Engagement in a Hybrid Workplace) that drive the great resignation, which companies should improve upon to retain employees. During this event, Hubilo included sign language translation and closed captions, setting an example for all virtual and hybrid events. The event was expertly moderated by Rachel Moore, Director of Community and Social Media at Hubilo.