New hotel in Munich for large events: Munich Marriott Hotel City West

Since its grand opening on September 7, 2023, the Munich Marriott Hotel City West has established itself as a major player in Munich’s event and hospitality scene, effectively addressing the high demand for hotels with large event space and guest room capacity. It was purposefully designed with a central focus on catering to corporate events.

I first visited the Munich Marriott Hotel City West during the final stages of construction in August. Witnessing its remarkable transformation into a fully operational hotel by October was impressive, and here I want to share with you a full breakdown of its spaces and offerings for business events.

Event industry professionals statement and guidance on the situation in Israel

A group of event professionals has united to address the conflict and provide guidance to the events industry on what steps it should take.

The terrorist attacks that took place in Israel and the ongoing events in the region have had a global impact on Jewish communities, and this situation is also directly affecting our friends and colleagues in the event industry, both in Israel and around the world.

The response from event associations and bodies within the industry has been slow and limited and as we write this many have still not released statements. As the situation continues to develop and uncertainty remains, it has been reported by multiple sources that events in Israel have already been cancelled, including events not scheduled until 2024.

The impact is not limited to events in Israel. The situation has sparked demonstrations in cities worldwide, which may have consequences for your event and its attendees.

The events industry is about fostering connections, building a sense of community, promoting inclusion and understanding. Throughout its history, the industry has faced numerous crises, and in the past, event organisations have been slow to respond, often requiring pressure to issue statements. Many event professionals find it hard to comprehend the lack of support within the industry on the unfolding events in Israel. 

Destination guide for sustainable venues in Stuttgart 

Everyone is familiar with one side of Stuttgart’s story—its fame as the birthplace of the first car and its dominant presence in the automotive sector. Yet, there’s a less explored narrative that’s now emerging.

There’s a lot happening in Stuttgart right now, especially in its transformation into a leading destination for sustainable events.

Attending Urban Future event

A prime example of Stuttgart’s green transformation is the Urban Future event I attended last June. It drew over 2000 participants dedicated to sustainable urban development. I listened to speakers discuss efforts to make the city livelier for its residents. 

One of the sessions I attended was called ‘If Stuttgart must not become Detroit, what will it become?’ and it highlighted city transformations that can be seen also in Stuttgart. 

The city attracts new talent to avoid population decline and brain drain and besides the automobile industry there are other clusters in the Stuttgart region. These include quantum computing, green tech, medical technology and AI. 

Munich Marriott Hotel City West opens with 398 rooms and 2,326 sqm of event space

Munich is a prime international MICE destination. It’s a superbly connected and modern city where tradition meets a cosmopolitan lifestyle.

Today Munich welcomes a new venue highlight with the opening of the Munich Marriott Hotel City West

The hotel brings an additional 398 rooms to Munich, along with 2,326 square meters of event space. Only a few hotels in Munich offer such a large capacity in both rooms and event space, making this hotel’s size a game changer for the city.

The 15-Minute City concept trend in event planning

The 15-Minute City concept is the biggest trend right now in the events industry. It refers to creating urban environments where residents can access their essential needs within a 15-minute walk or bike ride from their homes.

This trend is gaining popularity as more people seek to:

  1. Reduce their carbon footprint
  2. Enhance their overall well-being
  3. Have deeper community engagement

While the concept applies to private lives, it has a big influence on the events industry, too.