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Live events that enhance the online experience and vice versa: Event Planners Talk and Future in 15 Show make it possible!

The Next Event Planners Talk x Future in 15 event is just around the corner, with less than one week to go. We are excited to welcome everyone on Thursday, 21 February 2019 for the event ‘pitching for success: pitfalls and opportunities’ at Allianz Park in London, our official event sponsor.

February 2019 marks the fourth year that I have collaborated with Caleb Parker, the host of the Future in 15 Show (in fact, the first event took place on 24 February 2015, so it’s almost a 4-year anniversary!). Four years ago, Caleb first spoke on my panel about social media for events, and he has subsequently moderated more of my events. Later in February 2017, Caleb launched his own YouTube series ‘Future in 15 Show’, which highlights innovation in the events sector and so, going forward, it was a natural decision to collaborate on content production and live events. 

Agencies need to start with the ‘Why’ to deliver ROI – Interview with Thomas Vig, Client Director at the Agenda Group

‘Event marketing is becoming more complex because data, social media and technology are changing how events are utilised in the marketing mix. This means that event agencies need more and more specialised know-how to create ROI with their events.’ 

Leading up to our Event Planners Talk and Future in 15 event at Allianz Park (pictured) on 21 February regarding ‘pitching for success: pitfall and opportunities’, I interview industry leaders about their experiences and best practices. After a chat with Kevin Jackson about how to approach the pitching process (which is all about relationships!) and an interview with Sabrina Meyers regarding how to obtain more business as a small agency (Social media!), I interviewed (on Instagram Live) Thomas Vig, Client Director at the Agenda Group, an agency based in Copenhagen, about the creative process and the changing landscape for agencies. Thomas has more than ten years’ experience working in the events industry across different roles. For the last eight years, he has worked on the agency side and over the last 3.5 years at the Agenda Group as Client Director. The well-established and reputable Agenda Group has extensive know-how and expertise and it was very interesting to hear from Thomas and learn about his strategic approach. 

Best of Events 19: Business, BOE Night and festivalisation!

The first business event of 2019! Finally, ‘back to business’ after the long Christmas and New Year’s break. From 16–17 January, I attended Best of Events (BOE) in Dortmund with fiylo. This was my second year at BOE, and the second time I have worked with fiylo as part of the Live Blogger team. Having attended the event for the second year in a row now makes it a good opportunity to compare my experience from both years and share my observations. 

The good news is that my experience this year was better! This improvement may be because it was my second time there and I knew more people and the venue; I may therefore have felt more at ease navigating through the event. But it might also be because the organisers, Westfalenhallen Dortmund GmbH, worked very hard on improving the concept and creating a major Fear of Missing Out (FOMO). An additional reason is attributed to fiylo, who introduced a new concept this year to their stand and tripled the number of their stand partners; the buzz generated at their stand was fantastic.

Case study: German-based agency ‘Nice :-)’ successfully delivers international automotive conference in Monaco

Monaco is a prime destination for automotive events and this past October it was chosen to host a conference for a reputable German car brand. The German-based agency ‘nice:-)’ – from Essen – was responsible for organising this event A – Z, and together with the support of the Monaco Convention Bureau and local partners, delivered a successful annual event for the international brand. Organising this annual automotive event for the fourth year now (which takes place at different destinations each year), the standards and expectations were high. Monaco was selected based on key requirements: a maximum three hours flight time from Germany and with an international airport no further than 30 minutes away from the hotel and event venue. Additionally, the client was looking for hotel capacity that could accommodate all delegates together in one hotel. In addition to ticking all these boxes for basic requirements, Monaco was able to bring added value to create a desire to host an event in the Principality. Its international and prestigious appeal, competitive prices off season, the context of the F1 Grand Prix being held in Monaco and the variety of incentive activities in the region for a spouse and partner programme that took place alongside the conference, convinced the automotive client to choose Monaco.

Pitching: Social media is the best sales and marketing tool for small event agencies – Interview with Sabrina Meyers, founder of Orchid Lily Events

Large and small agencies approach the pitching process differently. While the large, well-established agencies can employ vast resources when it comes to labour and capital, smaller agencies have limited resources with which to pitch, therefore constantly thinking outside the box to be creative on a small budget.

Our next event, ‘Pitching for success: pitfall and opportunities’ takes place on 21 February at Allianz Park in London in collaboration with the Future in 15 Show. In the lead-up, we are gathering feedback from event planners across the industry that will inform suitable discussion and appropriate questions about the challenges faced by event managers around the world when it comes to pitching. 

After an insightful interview with Kevin Jackson, the founder of The Experience is the Marketing, I wanted to explore the approach to pitching by very small agencies, that is, usually an agency where the owner is the main employee and the ‘face’ of the business. For this topic, I interviewed Sabrina Meyers, the founder of Orchid Lily Events. Based in Cologne, Germany, she is most probably known for her YouTube channel and social media presence as Hot Hospitality Exchange. It is no surprise that we also met via Twitter less than a year ago.

Sabrina and I both have small businesses, so we hosted an Instagram Live chat, sharing our experience and discussing what pitching means for business such as ours.