Blog and business goals for 2016

Happy New Year!!

What a 2015 it was! Feel so lucky to be able to share my passion for events with you on this blog and thank you for being part of it and for your support. Going into the sixth year of blogging this year I am proud of what has started as a hobby and now is (almost) my full time job. Maybe it didn’t happen as fast as expected but I have to admit for three years I was still figuring out what I’m doing.

Last year I shared with you my goals for 2015, some succeeded, others failed but it was all a learning curve and now it’s time to set goals for the new year.

My goal last year

Build a Pinterest community – This one didn’t work out. I created two boards but realised this platform is not for me and I’d better concentrate on platforms where my core audience is – Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn. For me that was definitely the year of Instagram and for now I’ll stick to this social media strategy.

Start lecturing – This goal was achieved this year when I lectured at my old university Regent’s University London to marketing students about blogging and social media, spoke at Sheffield Hallam University to event management students about my event blog and held a talk at The Meetings Show about social media for events. That’s just the beginning and I will keep doing it next year.

Organise live events – This year I organised three #EventPlannersTalk events. The initial plan was to organise them monthly, but that was more challenging than expected and while I have events planned for 2016, I am not sure whether I want to have them monthly. On a more positive note #EventPlannersTalk Twitter chat took place weekly and this year closed 45 chats. The chat will continue in 2016.

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Publish more frequently on the blog – This goal wasn’t met unfortunately. The frequency of my posts stayed the same, 1 – 3 per week, but I’m still determined to make it work in 2016!

My goals for 2016

Organise minimum of five #EventPlannersTalk events

As mentioned above, in 2015 I organised three events and next year the aim is to increase it. I have already few new topics in mind but can’t promise anything until it’s finalised. Hope to be able to share with you more info soon.

To speak at an international conference

This year I want to think globally and extend my speaking activities to an international audience. The topics I will cover will be blogging and social media for events.

Publish daily blog posts for at least one month 

Last year I wanted to post more frequently but it didn’t work out. But I’m still determined to make it happen so this year I want to challenge myself and for at least one month post daily.

This blog, as live events, is about bringing people together to share experiences, knowledge and network and in 2015 I feel fortunate to have met and worked with talented, creative and inspiring #eventprofs, some of whom I met online and others at events – so let’s make 2016 even better and bigger!

Wish you lots of happiness, health, prosperity, successful events, new projects, new encounters, new business opportunities, never stop challenge yourself and follow your dearest dreams!

What are your business goals for 2016?

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