The MICE Blog partners with Future in 15 Show to co-create innovative content

I’m excited to share with you that The MICE Blog partnered with The Future in 15 Show. The aim of our partnership is to develop and co-create innovative content for the events industry.

Future in 15 Show is an online tv show, with 15 minute episodes that focus on innovation within four sectors. These include hospitality, business travel, MICE and commercial real estate. Each episode features Show Host, Caleb Parker, interviewing an industry leader who pushes the boundaries within the industry. Specifically, these can be a new product or service development or adopting innovative approach to solving industry problems. Launched in March at International Confex, the show has already gained great industry support. Additionally, the show also attracted  strategic partnerships with HBAA and Mash Media.

Each week, #EventPlannersTalk Twitter chat discusses one industry topic and global event planners can join the online discussion and share their views. Firstly, we’ll identify topics with an innovative edge and will develop them further. Secondly, we’ll look for an expert in the filed who can share innovative insights on the show. Lastly, the takeaways from the chat and the show will be summarised into a blog article on The MICE Blog. London based event planners will have the opportunity to join the live recording of a Future in 15 Show episode and benefit from exclusive content and networking opportunities.

Below, you can watch The Future in 15 Show trailer of the first few episodes. Furthermore, make sure to follow the weekly #EventPlannersTalk Twitter chat every Monday from 9-10pm GMT and subscribe to the Future in 15 YouTube channel.

About Caleb Parker

Caleb Parker is an American entrepreneur in London. He’s a founder, director, startup advisor, investor and tv show host, with a keen focus on innovation and technology, and interests in the MICE market, sharing economy, fitness & nutrition and future of work. Caleb has been a guest lecturer on topics such as entrepreneurship, the sharing economy and the future of work at academic institutions including Georgetown University, George Mason University, and London School of Economics, as well as numerous trade conferences where he has discussed the sharing economy’s affect on the MICE sector. Additionally, Caleb moderated past #EventPlannersTalk LIVE events in London and is greatly respected by the community. Learn more at  

About #EventPlannersTalk

Launched in 2014, #EventPlannersTalk is a weekly Twitter chat and live event series for the global events industry. To date we held over 100 chats focusing on various industry topics. For example, innovation, sustainability, education and personal development, event technology and the MICE industry. The aim of #EventPlannersTalk live events is to connect the online and offline communities and extend event life cycle. You can join the online discussion every Monday from 9-10pm GMT. Follow @themicebloHQ and use the hashtag #EventPlannersTalk. 

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