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Beginning of the year when I wrote my resolutions, I decided that in 2016 I want to take the challenge and blog every day during one month. As an event blogger, I always found it difficult to blog every day because I go to so many events which take place usually in the evenings, or go to events twice a day, or go on fam trips with tight schedules, so it feels almost impossible to blog daily.

Attending events, creating content, selecting and editing photos, managing social media, coordinating interviews and the agenda seemed overwhelming to post everyday, but I really wanted to do this for long time, because I have content, a lot of content to share with you.

If you follow me on social media, especially on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, where I post daily, you know already that on 15th October I moved to Heidelberg, Germany. This means that while I explore the local event scene, I will have more time to spend writing, so November seemed to be the right time to take on this challenge. So here we go – blog post every day in November!

As first post, I would like to share with you my blogging journey because I’m asked this question often and my move to Germany is the mark of a new chapter, which I’m very excited about!

When I studied Hotel Management in Switzerland in 2005, as part of our programme they took us to visit the IGEHO exhibition in Basel, notably the most important international exhibition for hotels, catering, take-away and restaurants in Switzerland. This was my first ever exhibition and I enjoyed the atmosphere, the friendliness, the goodie bags, the tastings, the demonstrations, the international vibe, the buzz on the exhibition floor and the whole experience was very positive.

Few years later I got volunteering opportunities at very prestigious and international events, including SuisseEMEX in Zurich, Engadin Skimarathon in Engadin, Polo World Cup on Snow in St. Moritz, Travel Trade Workshop in Montreux and others (some events were rebranded since), and even though I really loved doing this job I haven’t thought of moving to events because I studies hotel business.

A later internship in events brought me to Munich. I worked in a small events agency and being a small team of three people I got hands-on experience and was often on-site.

FC Bayern – Bor. Mönchengladbach game, Allianz Arena, 2011

By chance I found out that it’s possible to study for a full degree in event management in London, and that it’s also possible to get a full scholarship to cover the tuition fee for the duration of the degree, 3.5 years. It worked out very well for me, I wrote an essay about a topic I was extremely passionate about “Current and future developments that may impact on the events industry in the short and long run”. I won the full scholarship and started my studies from the beginning in 2011. Sometimes you need to take one step back to take two forward.

Same year I also started the blog, as I realised this could be an opportunity to connect with the global events community. I didn’t lose any time in London and started attending events. The World Travel Market was the turning point when I realised I can do something interesting with my blog. I attended several session where travel bloggers discussed their business, how they make a living out of blogging and how to contact brands and run campaigns. As I was still in full time education I didn’t expect to make a living out of it but it was a hobby I enjoyed spending my time on! My interest in destinations developed during my studies and I got deeper understanding through study trips to Liverpool, Newcastle and Edinburgh.

Before I got invited on fam trips I coupled my holidays with venue reviews and grew the blog organically though consistent online presence and face-to-face networking.

Through the blog, I found my niche – MICE destinations – understanding the dynamics of the Convention Bureaux, private and public sectors and working with multiple suppliers and stakeholders. Through my academic background I want to educate and share knowledge, know-how and excite everyone who considers MICE sector as a career opportunity.

In 2014 I launched #EventPlannersTalk Twitter chat as a way to connect with the events community online on Twitter and discuss various industry related topics and up to this date held 82 chats. As a way of extending this concept and bringing the community to also network face-to-face, I launched #EventPlannersTalk LIVE event and to date held seven events in London. Only from 2016 I’m doing this full time, with my full focus on the blog and events.

Most rewarding aspect is to be able to share the journey and experience with you and I thank you for being part of it, by reading this blog, participating on the chat or attending my events! Now that I begin a new chapter in Germany I’m really excited and hope to grow this concept even further!


My new home, Heidelberg!

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