„Speech Bubble” : Promotion tool for events

In order to increase and mobilize the role of promoters during an event and the brand awareness the „Speech Bubble” can be used for promotions of different art. 

„Speech Bubble” is intended to increase the mise-en-scène of the message that have to come across. The promoter carries it on his/her waist and is therefore mobile to walk around the exhibition or trade fair. Therefore his hands are free to distribute further promotional material or give-aways.

The banner is up to 1 m. over the promoters head and approximately 70cm X 70cm wide. Therefore it is particularly suitable to be used during mass events to attract attention and WOM. The „Speech Bubble” can be used indoor as well as outdoor for promotions, exhibitions, trade fairs and events. It is printed in color and from both sides. The promotional tool is easy to carry and doesn’t create an extra burden during the working hours. To increase the impact and anticipation of the audience, two promoters can carry the „Speech Bubble” with different wording or word games.

In a test experiment the feedback was positive. It attracted visitor’s attention resulting in visitors approaching the promoter by themselves and asking for flyers and give-aways.    

About eventsegment:

eventsegment is an event – and promotion agency residing in Munich. Since 2006 it has been operating internationally in the field of relationship marketing in close collaboration with its clients. The aim of eventsegment is to make brands an experience and to strengthen the emotional binding between brand and client. As a full- service agency, eventsegment supports its clients from the strategic and conceptional advice to the implementation of events and promotional campaigns. The team assists you to realize your ideas and goals.

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