Things #eventprofs will miss about London

A bit over a month now that I moved from London to Heidelberg and there are few things that I miss about London already. London is an amazing city, so international, dynamic, creative and fast pace, there is no other place in the world that can offer #eventprofs such an ecosystems of knowledge, networking, inspiration and ideas. I feel so grateful to have met many inspiring, talented and hardworking #eventprofs most of whom I can call now my friends. I didn’t do big announcements or a farewell party before my move to Germany because for me leaving London wasn’t about saying good bye but see you soon!

In the meantime, I put up together a list of all things #eventprofs will miss about London!

Choice of venues – The choice of venues in London can be overwhelming! Ranging from conference centres, unique venues, hotels, touristic landmarks, pubs, co-sharing working spaces, offices, pop-up venues, London has it all, for all taste and budget.

The views – The views from London venues or on the way to and from the venue are always breathtaking. How many times I was late to events just because I had to stop and take a selfie. London by day and night is absolutely stunning.

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View from ExCeL London 

Vast networking opportunities – Everyone is coming to London, and not the other way round so you’ll always meet new people in London who come for business or leisure. Some of the biggest event, PR and event technology companies are based in London and you’ll meet their representatives at almost every networking event. There will be always “the same people” but these are the really dedicated #eventprofs who know everyone and you should know them, too!

Event industry associations – Maybe apart of the US, London has the most active chapters of event industry associations. The EMA, MPI, ILEA and SITE are all very active and host regular events in London.


Event Marketing Association event about event sustainability 2016

The airports – The choice of airports: City, Heathrow, Gatwick, Luton, Stansted all make it easy for #eventprofs and their clients to travel to and from London any day of the week!

Contactless payments – It saves us time and that’s why we love it and miss it when not in London.

Free to attend industry events – London is the only place to offer so many different and free to attend industry events, such as Citizen Event and Event Huddle. You can read more about these events in my past post monthly networking groups for #eventprofs in London.

Award nights – I think no other place in Europe has so many Award Nights. Either you can apply for one, or you can be a guest, but for sure you must experience this when in London. It’s when the teams come together, and sometimes invite their clients to celebrate their achievements and success.

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International Corporate Event Awards 2016 at V & A Museum 

Nominations – The yearly nominations are very typical for London, the A/B/C Lists, 30 unders 30, 100 Influential #eventprofs etc.

Venue showcases – There are always venue showcases, especially before Summer and Christmas seasons to inform about the possible packages.

Event industry exhibitions – The Meetings Show and The Confex are the two biggest exhibitions that take place in London. Also The World Travel Market, even though focusing on travel, over the past few years started strengthening their MICE offering in terms of side events and content sessions.

Attending event at London landmarks – I bet not many tourists are aware that when the attracting is close for the day, the space it quickly set up for a private function. This is something you must experience and I will definitely miss. So I visited The Shard and V & A Museum.

Pret – The coffee, salmon sandwich and the chocolate mousse will be my tree favourite items I’ll miss the most! Not having time for breakfast but knowing there’s a Pret around the corner always made my day!

Entrepreneurial culture – London is THE city to start an event planning business. By being close to other entrepreneurs and potential clients who can validate your idea you can start generating business fairly quickly.

Being close to clients – London is a city where most companies are headquartered or have representations, therefore it’s ideal for being close to clients, after all it’s all about face-to-face.

London transport – London transport – the tube, DLR, busses and even Emirates Cable Car are quick and reliable to get you from A – B.

Inspiration – You’ll find inspiration everywhere: by attending an event, visiting a venue, seeing street art, talking to a colleague or a stranger or going to a restaurant. Inspiration is everywhere and all you have to do it soak it all in!

Ideas – Ideas are everywhere, you see what’s there, what’s missing, what you can improve, there is so many ideas the only thing is execution!

Mentorship culture – People who work in events in London are very helpful and I always felt that there was no hierarchy between those who worked 10 years or one year in the industry. Everyone is very encouraging and supportive. There are multiple mentorship programmes offered to #eventprofs – but you know what – just write anyone who inspires you or approach them at an event and ask to meet for a coffee! They will be ready to help!

Unexpected activations – There is always something going on! Popular places are the Waterloo Station and Canary Wharf tube station. Brands know that at these two places they will reach their target audience and therefore run promotional campaigns.

Barter culture – There is a very strong barter culture in London I haven’t experienced elsewhere, and “exposure” being the most common one. You can barter photography, venues, catering, entertainment, speakers and event technology for exposure if you can justify the right target audience.

Yes I miss London very much, and especially the people who make this city and industry so great, but I’ll see you very soon and until then keep in touch 🙂

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  • Caitlin Kobrak 8 years ago Reply

    Do you think a Pret coffee will make it in the post!? 🙂 I think sometimes we don’t always realise what London offers till you’re no longer around it every day!

    The MICE Blog 8 years ago Reply

    I was waiting for this comment 🙂 the small things that are part of daily London life

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