[Video] Big vs. Small event agencies

Back in August I attended the C & IT Agency Forum at ExCeL London. One of the session was about big vs. small event agencies.

The speakers were Frances Green, Managing Director at Green & Pleasant Events and Luke Flett, Global Head Marketing at Ashfield Meetings and Events. The session was moderated by Karen Bowerman, BBC presenter. The session kicked off with a questions about perception and when clients will choose to work with a small and when with a big agency. Small agencies can offer more flexibility and can take on smaller projects. They can offer a more competitive price because they have smaller overheads. Big agencies, on the other hand, can offer large purchasing power and volume, what gives them a competitive advantage over the smaller agencies. It was suggested that when hiring a smaller agency it’s because clients want more personal service and creativity, but that can be also because they are more niche. Lastly, values and culture will also play a role when selecting an agency.

View the full video here.

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