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Last week our monthly #EventBlogChat was about Live Blogging, topic I find extremely interesting and important. We had some fantastic questions but unfortunately I didn’t take part in the chat as I have attended the MIND and Meetovations events in Copenhagen (more about it in future posts). But because I really really wanted to share with you how I go about live blogging, here I answer last week’s questions in a blog post format.

First of all, what is live blogging? When you hear “live blogging” do you associate it with posting blog articles during the event, or you also consider micro- content, such as the one posted on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other platforms of choice? Personally, I practice the latter and that way engage with you live during events via short text and images.

Q1. Who do you think Live Blogging benefits? Organisers, people unable to attend the event or Event Bloggers?

In my opinion it benefits all. It benefits organisers because bloggers spread the word within their communities, which goes beyond the ones attending thus promoting the event globally.

It benefits people unable to attend the event because they can capture key information, ideas, inspirations and news much earlier than it published via press release.

It benefits event bloggers because they can see who else is in the room and network, increase their following, gain trust and strengthen the relationship with their audience by providing valuable content.

Q2. What is the best way to go about Live Blogging? On your phone, laptop etc.

Both, but personally I don’t like to carry my laptop around and prefer to do it on my phone.

Q3. How much time during the event do you spend on Live Blogging?

To large extent it depends on the event, but at least 10-15% of my time will be spent sharing content on my social media.

Q4. Do you think Live Blogging can distract you from the event and lead to missing networking opportunities?

Yes. I can decide only at the event how important the content is to be shared with you. If I have covered similar topics in the past, I will be less likely sharing much during the event and more socialising. If I decide to blog, I will still allow some time for networking or walking around the exhibition floor.

Q5. What recommendations can you give someone about Live Blogging?

Prior to attending the event, I make an extensive research about it so I can put the information in the right context.

I try to follow all the venues, speakers etc. I would like to mention so I don’t lose time on searching for their profiles during the event.

Each event I approach strategically and know in advance which sessions I want to blog about. I don’t like to schedule tweets in advance as my content might change when I am at the event and I want to make it authentic and original.

General remarks:

Make your content sharable by providing information that others, both attendees and non-attendees would enjoy sharing.

Inform the readers that you are going to live blog from the event. That will give your audience a reason to follow you during that time and what to expect. Let them know when the event is over as well.

Three main reasons why I don’t write articles during the event:

Firstly, writing a blog article is not as simple as it may seem and requires time for research and editing I don’t usually have during the event. I also personally feel that if I fully focus on writing, I will greatly miss on talks and networking opportunities. Secondly, I prefer writing an article after the event because it extends event’s life-cycle and provides great content for future posts. And lastly, some of the events I attend, especially press trips, include an extensive social programme that doesn’t leave me much time for writing.

Of course it is possible to schedule the post with key data and edit it quickly on the go, but that is not my content strategy and that is what, also, differentiated blogging from PR.

In case you have missed it, last week I attended the MIND and Meetovation events and was live-blogging on my social media channels from which I made a short social media diary.

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How do you go about blogging? Do you prefer to tweet and Instagram or write blog articles?

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