Munich Marriott Hotel City West opens with 398 rooms and 2,326 sqm of event space

Munich is a prime international MICE destination. It’s a superbly connected and modern city where tradition meets a cosmopolitan lifestyle.

Today Munich welcomes a new venue highlight with the opening of the Munich Marriott Hotel City West

The hotel brings an additional 398 rooms to Munich, along with 2,326 square meters of event space. Only a few hotels in Munich offer such a large capacity in both rooms and event space, making this hotel’s size a game changer for the city.

Furthermore, the Munich Marriott Hotel City West sets new benchmarks for Marriott Hotels with its investment in high-quality interior design and using premium materials in its furnishings. In the event area the hotel is well equipped and has almost everything one needs in-house. 

The new property stands for flexibility in event spaces, convenience and high standards. 

Just before today’s grand opening, I had the opportunity to visit the construction site on 14 August. I’m excited to share with you my behind-the-scenes impressions from that day, along with everything you need to know about this new hotel.

Marienplatz, a top tourist attraction in Munich, is just 20 minutes by public transport from the Munich Marriott Hotel City West.

A prime location – Munich Westend

Munich’s Westend feels like a historic industrial area of the city. One of its standout landmarks is the Hackerbrücke, an iron bridge built in the 19th century. The Hackerbrücke serves as a popular hangout spot, offering views over the railway tracks and towards the city center. 

Moreover, Westend is Oktoberfest’s gateway. Most visitors will pass through Westend and use the Hackerbrücke as their main traffic route.

For groups seeking an authentic Munich experience, stopping by Augustiner, the city’s oldest brewery, is a top recommendation in Westend. 

The hotel is extremely well-connected via public transport, being just a few minutes’ walk from the nearby tram station that leads to the main train station, city center, and Oktoberfest grounds.

Hydraulic lifting platforms in the Great Ballroom

The Munich Marriott City West Hotel is the only hotel in Germany to have hydraulic lifting platforms.

Simply put, it is a lift that goes from the parking lot to the Great Ballroom. It can be used to present a car, have a band making a surprise appearance or set up a gala dinner, transforming the room within just two hours.

Hydraulic lifting platforms in the center of the Great Ballroom.

Top choice for large events

The Munich Marriott Hotel City West is a top venue for hosting large events. The grand Ballroom, the hotel’s largest space, fits over 600 guests. Right next to it, the foyer and conference rooms are perfect for exhibitions or coffee breaks. Additionally, this section provides a separate entrance for external guests.

Elegant foyer, ideal for coffee breaks.
Conference rooms. Can be used as either a breakout area or a plenary room.

Natural daylight in the Great Ballroom

The Ballroom at the Munich Marriott Hotel City West receives natural daylight through the eight floor-to-ceiling windows. This is a major advantage for a venue of this size. 

Natural light isn’t just aesthetically pleasing—it enhances the well-being of attendees. While we often take light for granted, it plays a crucial role in shaping our experience and mood, so natural light becomes an invaluable asset for a positive event experience. 

Private rooftop terrace for events in Munich

The rooftop terrace is exclusively available for events for up to 400 people. It can be used for drink receptions and pop-up events. This adds to the diverse range of event formats that can be hosted at the hotel.

A new perspective on hotel classifications

Marriott properties don’t have a traditional star rating. Instead, they utilise a classification system that categorises them based on hotel amenities and services. The Marriott City West Hotel is classified as ‘Classic Premium’ which provides all expected business services and comfort. 

This is especially important for pharmaceutical companies that are bound to the Pharmaceutical Code of Conduct. This code outlines ethical standards and guidelines for promotional practices and interactions between pharmaceutical companies and healthcare professionals. 

By not having a star classification, the hotel ensures compliance for hosting pharmaceutical events.

Standard Deluxe room at the Munich Marriott Hotel City West.
All Deluxe rooms are equipped with a working desk that has an electrical outlet.

Dining experience 

Being close to Italy, Munich is known as ‘Italy’s most northern city‘ due to its vibrant outdoor café scene and popular spots like the Biergarten. 

With Munich’s strong Italian influence, opening an Italian restaurant, Assoluto Ristorante & Vineria, in the hotel was a perfect fit. With 200 seats, the restaurant aims to serve not only hotel guests but also local businesses in the Westend area. 

The Assoluto Ristorante & Vineria Italian restaurant can accommodate 200 guests.

For socialising, catching up on emails, or winding down after a long day, the westhub lounge & bar is the ideal spot to grab a drink or snack, open until midnight.

Full venue capacity charts can be found here.


With its official opening today, the hotel highlights the city’s evolving event and hospitality sector. For those seeking comfort, innovation, and a taste of Munich’s vibrant lifestyle, the hotel is now accepting bookings, with its first business events scheduled for October.

A quick 20-minute journey on public transport from the Munich Marriott Hotel City West will bring you to the city center, such as the famed Viktualienmarkt in Munich.

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