New hotel in Munich for large events: Munich Marriott Hotel City West

Since its grand opening on September 7, 2023, the Munich Marriott Hotel City West has established itself as a major player in Munich’s event and hospitality scene, effectively addressing the high demand for hotels with large event space and guest room capacity. It was purposefully designed with a central focus on catering to corporate events.

I first visited the Munich Marriott Hotel City West during the final stages of construction in August. Witnessing its remarkable transformation into a fully operational hotel by October was impressive, and here I want to share with you a full breakdown of its spaces and offerings for business events.

Great Ballroom 

The hotel has one of the largest event spaces in Munich with the largest space capacity in the Great Ballroom, for up to 616 guests seated.

The flexibility of the Great Ballroom is a key highlight. Event planners can opt for the entire 916 square meters Great Ballroom for big occasions, or it can split into three separate spaces to cater to smaller event sizes.

It receives natural daylight and has curtains that offer both ‘sight-blocking,’ allowing sunlight while also providing a complete blackout option, giving event organisers precise control over the room’s lighting.

The room doesn’t have columns to block the view from the 12-meter-long screen in the ballroom, ensuring a seamless visual and audio experience for guests. 

Its biggest unique selling point is the hydraulic lifting platforms that connect the parking lot to the central point at Great Ballroom. The use of these platforms offers advantageous features that ease and enhance event planning and design.

  • They can be used to showcase vehicles, accommodating up to two cars, adding a unique touch to automotive-themed events. Alternatively, these platforms facilitate swift transformations for live performances, making it an option to surprise attendees with a band’s appearance in the middle of a gala dinner. 
  • Thes adaptable platforms allow for rapid room transitions. In just two hours, preparations for dinner can commence in the parking lot while a conference is ongoing. During the break, they can be quickly brought up, ensuring a seamless transition. This practical feature ensures that the event space can efficiently accommodate various event set ups with demanding needs and tight schedules. 

The Great Ballroom has an expansive foyer with a separate entrance dedicated to external guests.

Within the foyer, event planners have the option to utilise flexible furniture arrangements or use the area as an exhibition space. 

Further, the warm kitchen station enhances the catering experience, serving as a presentation area for coffee breaks and lunch service.

The Great Ballroom, for up to 616 guests seated.

Conference Rooms

On the same ground level, there are additional five Conference Rooms. Rooms 1 to 3 can be combined to accommodate up to 160 people in a theater-style setup and Rooms 4 and 5 offer the flexibility to be merged for larger events with a theater-style capacity of up to 253 attendees. 

In addition to these versatile spaces, there’s a library, perfect for hosting more creative event formats and workshops accommodating up to 40 people. Additionally, there’s a dedicated conference office, ideally suited for event teams of up to 10 people who run the event on site. 

For bespoke event experiences that want to break away from the traditional hotel setting, there are seven Studio rooms on a different floor. 

These rooms offer a high-end design ambiance, creating a ‘living room’ atmosphere ideal for smaller events and meetings.

Each room can accommodate 12 to 18 guests individually for conferences. Rooms 1 to 3 can be utilised separately, and Rooms 4 to 6 can be combined to provide the largest conference capacity, accommodating up to 63 attendees in a theater-style setup.

Conference room
Studio foyer


The Munich Marriott Hotel City West has made substantial investments in cutting-edge technology, ensuring that all essential event equipment is readily available in the conference rooms. 

This includes state-of-the-art screens, projectors, digital signage, and top-notch audio systems.

However, one standout feature is the remarkable 12-meter-long screen in the Great Ballroom, providing a seamless visual and auditory experience for an audience of up to 616 guests seated.

What further sets this technology apart is its flexibility. Presentations and content can be seamlessly streamed across various rooms within the hotel or enable a hybrid event experience for remote audiences. The on-site technology partner is equipped to assist with all technical specifications to support the event. 

Another standout feature of the conference rooms is the lighting system. Event hosts can independently fine-tune the lighting intensity with a user-friendly control panel to adjust room atmospheres. This feature adds another level of personalization and flexibility, enhancing the overall event experience.


The hotel takes pride in its exceptional flexibility when it comes to room setup and configuration, offering you the freedom to employ individual spaces or combine multiple areas to cater to specific event requirements.

This adaptability extends throughout the entire hotel. Take the Ballroom, for instance, with its capacity to comfortably seat up to 616 attendees. However, its true versatility becomes evident as you consider the option to integrate adjacent conference rooms for exhibitions or create breakout spaces. 

Guest rooms 

The Munich Marriott Hotel City West has 398 elegant and modern guest rooms. I stayed in a Deluxe Room and noticed the hotel’s attention to detail and technology.

You can control the room’s lights with a keyboard and sensor, making it easy to adjust the ambiance. In the morning, a sensor detects your movement and gradually brightens the entrance area to mimic natural daylight.

There are also multiple plugs next to the working desk, so you can charge all your devices at once.

Executive Suite
Deluxe room

Rooftop terrace

Another standout feature at the Munich Marriott Hotel City West is the rooftop terrace, thoughtfully designed for events. This space is most suitable for pop-up events or drinks receptions.

The terrace is equipped with its own guest toilets and one hotel lift can be exclusively reserved for terrace guests.

Additionally, the terrace is well-equipped to accommodate catering, audio, and lighting requirements, with strategically placed plugs to serve all event needs. 

View from the rooftop terrace

High end design 

The Munich Marriott Hotel City West incorporates high-quality materials into its design, drawing inspiration from Munich West’s local character.

These materials authentically reflect the essence of two local icons: the historic Augustiner brewery and the famous Hackerbrücke.

Augustiner brewery, Munich’s oldest and only privately-owned brewery, is conveniently located within walking distance from the hotel. If you’d like to have an authentic local dining experience, consider adding a dinner at Augustiner brewery to your plans.

Another local attraction is the Hackerbrücke, a bridge that links Munich West to the city center and the Oktoberfest fairgrounds.

It’s just a 30-minute walk from the city center and Marienplatz. If you’re interested in blending business and leisure, I can highly recommend taking this route to explore the city on foot.


The Munich Marriott Hotel City West has a unique setup where the reception and the lounge area are separate.

The separation between the reception and lounge areas is intended to provide guests with greater privacy and comfort. If your room is not yet available upon arrival, you are welcome to relax in the lounge. Here, you can work, enjoy a light snack, or have a drink in a stylish coworking-inspired environment.

If you have a group, you can request a special check-in desk just for your group.

Near the reception, there’s a small kiosk that’s open 24/7. You can find snacks and essential items there anytime you need them.

Lounge area


The Munich Marriott Hotel City West offers a multiple gastronomic outlets that includes:

  • Vineria: This exclusive setting is perfect for bespoke dining with small groups of up to 10 people. The culinary experience can be complemented by a carefully curated wine selection from the wine cellar.
  • Assoluto Ristorante: Serves modern Italian cuisine. In the mornings, it operates as the breakfast hub, offering a nutritious way to kickstart your day. In the evenings, it transforms into a relaxed à la carte restaurant, offering a selection of favourite Italian dishes.
  • Westhub Bar & Lounge: It’s a casual space where you can work, hold business meetings, unwind after a busy day, and enjoy post-dinner drinks in a relaxed atmosphere.
Vineria for bespoke dining with small groups of up to 10 people
Assoluto Ristorante that serves modern Italian cuisine


The Munich Marriott Hotel City West is raising the bar for corporate events in Munich. Because it was purposefully designed with a central focus on catering to corporate events, no aspect has been overlooked to deliver an exceptional planning experience for event organisers and a memorable event experience for attendees.

Sponsored post in collaboration with the Munich Marriott Hotel City West.

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