The business of blogging – my talk at the University of Lincoln

Few weeks ago I spoke at the Digital Student Ambassador Group (DSAG) event, organised by third year event management students at the University of Lincoln. The group is looking to engage, network and discuss the abilities of technology usage at Universities and this was the first time they run the event, featuring guest speakers and running seminars for students, university staff and local businesses.

It all started on #EventPlannersTalk weekly Twitter chat where I e-met Melissa and she invited me to speak at her event, so on 20th April I came to Lincoln to speak exactly about this – how to grow your business with blogging and social media. This online encounter is just one example how event planners can network online and create business opportunities.

My session was about why and how I started the blog in 2011, I talked about creating content and driving engagement, lastly I touched on ethics of blogging and why it’s important to disclose invitations and sponsored posts. I also shared with them my experience running the #EventPlannersTalk Twitter chat and how the online event is different from the live event. You can read about my presentation on their blog.


Photo credit @Melgaffney14

I used to facilitate the Q & A and excellent questions came from the audience, which I’ll use for the future #EventPlannersTalk chat on 16 May!

One question I’m always asked is about media kit. Media kit is like you blogger CV you’d send to venues, destinations, PR agencies, sponsors and anyone you’d like to work with. It has to include the basic information about you, your target audience and demographics, past projects and collaborations, awards, contact details and few other pieces of information to give the best impression to future clients. Seeing this question asked so often I’ll share an article about this topic with you in the following weeks.

I would like to thank to the team at DSAG and University of Lincoln for having me and I really enjoyed your warm hospitality. Well done for putting such a great event together and I hope it will continue growing, engaging, educating and providing networking opportunities online and offline for event professionals. I also enjoyed visiting this lovely city Lincoln and hope to visit again soon!

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