How to promote events using social media?

Unfortunately, there is no one solution fits all when talking about ‘how to promote events using social media’. The reason for that is that we have B2B and B2C events, private and public, local and international and hybrid and face-to-face events. The only way to know how to manage it, is to understand the different platforms and create an appropriate strategy for each platform.

It’s not enough just having Facebook, Twitter and Instagram profiles, it’s about using them and the quality of content that goes on these platforms and the frequency of updates. Yesterday I listened to one of my favourite marketing speakers (you can watch it here, he’s brilliant!) and someone asked him ‘is it better to update your social networks once a week with great content or daily with poor content’ and he answered the following: Why it has to be one or the other, why not both? So the bottom line is to put out a lot of quality content. By doing that you’ll realise that your community starts growing and people start engaging with you or your brand on social media. Gary’s comment is very relevant for events. Very often I see abandoned event accounts which start picking up and share content closer to the event date. I even noticed that some of the major exhibitions forget to change the event date on their profile from the previous year! That’s a shame because these events are missing to create meaningful connections with their existent and future audience. During the year it’s actually excellent time to attract attendees to your event, and social media is the most efficient and cost effective tool to do so.

Social media for events is about trial, error and testing. From my experience, you have to be 24/7 on it, you can’t respond to your customers only from Monday to Friday from 9am until 5pm because it will be regarded as poor customer service.

Lastly, and maybe most important, make sure that your tone of voice is the same both online and offline, especially for corporates. Just to give you an example, there is one corporate account I follow and used to like their friendly tone of voice on Twitter until I met them at an exhibition. The team didn’t have an idea about the conversation going-on on their social media, even their own updates. That’s a big gap when you think you ‘know’ the person and he ‘knows’ you because you follows each others updates. On the other hand, I tweeted with corporate accounts that were very coordinated, provided the names of representatives on site and our conversation keeps going on social media long after the exhibition is over.

If you have anything to add to the topic I’ll be happy to read your comment below or we’ll discuss more social media for events on Monday, 18th August, so make sure you join the #EventPlannersTalk chat on twitter, 9pm BST (You can read the discussion questions here).

In addition, in my next post I’ll talk about the Marc Jacobs pop-up tweet shop in Covent Garden, London which is taking place this weekend, where customers can pay with tweets instead of cash for product samples.

I wish you all a fantastic weekend and see you soon!


How to promote events using social media?

Photo by: Irina Trofimovskaya

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